Many Waters Boatworks

Many Waters Boatworks and Carpentry is a vehicle to help me spur a renaissance in traditional, classic and creative boats for the recreational boaters in Minnesota and the Midwest.  I am a graduate of the Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding and want to bring a hint of the classic west coast boatbuilding tradition to my midwestern home.

So many fascinating old boats have been designed and built throughout history.  I aim to re-loft old traditional plans and put a new spin on them.  I will also offer some creative and cutting edge design ideas.  While I love traditional plank on frame construction, I also recognize the expanded possibilities of wood composite construction and am comfortable in both techniques.  Whatever the project calls for!  Visit my project ideas page to learn more about what I’d like to build.

I’m also available to restore your existing wooden boat.  Old cedar canvas canoe need restoring?  Chris Craft needing some love?  Has it been sitting at the cabin growing moldy.  Let me bring it back to life for you!

Contact Me

If you’re interested in anything I have to offer feel free to contact me, via my email address or the contact form below!  I’m happy to chat about a potential project!!