For Sale

19’ Custom Aleutian Baidarka

This is a Baidarka I built to the hull shape documented by David Zimmerly in his book Qayaq. It is fast, nimble and tracks very well.

The Baidarka features:

  • Aleutian hull shape stretched to 19 feet
  • Lofted and pre-bent laminated frames, reducing the number of frames while making the boat stronger and lighter
  • Alaskan Yellow Cedar frames
  • Northern White Cedar gunwales
  • White Oak keel
  • Other Longitudinals are made of Tamarack
  • The stem is left uncavassed and is a piece of bright finished Tamarack knee
  • The fuselage is sheathed ballistic nylon, saturated with Spirit Lines’ two part polyurethane for skin boats
  • Bottomside polyurethane has graphite power added for an extra smooth and scratch resistant bottom
  • Topside is dyed turquoise with composite pigments
  • Hull features a custom rear hatch, a circular deck plate hatch forward
  • Equipped with a pulley system to help move gear forward and aft in the hull
  • Also included is a hand carved paddle, built to the traditional Aleutian shape
    • The paddle is Alaskan Yellow Cedar with Black Walnut and Black Locust laminated on the edges and tip to prevent damaging the ends

This boat is the perfect expedition kayak. It will carry 50 or more pounds of gear easily. It is happy is any rough weather you may encounter.

I would recommend outfitting it with a few air bags to aid flotation in case of a roll. Other than that it is ready for your adventure!