Custom Cabinetry
& Built-Ins

I Specialize in fabricating and installing custom shelving, benches, cabinets, hutches, etc. Obviously my personal aestetic is influenced by maritime motifs, but I can build to any design. Happy to work from architects plans or work out a design with a home owner.

Cedar Strip Voyaguer with Foam Core Ribs

Exterior Carpentry

Decks, Pergolas and Gazebos are all fair game. I have experience building decks for yurts in remote areas as well as


From live edge coffee tables to folk furniture, I can furnish the right piece for you home.

Cedar Strip Voyaguer with Foam Core Ribs

Custom Boat Building

Let's build your dream boat!
Choose from my wide collection of classic design plans or provide your own. We can also work from an existing design and change it to perfectly fit your needs.

Planning a paddling or rowing adventure of a lifetime?
Whether it is a canoe, kayak, paddleboard or rowboat, I can build the perfect adventure craft!

Need a boat for the family cabin?
I can build the fishing boat, motor launch or day sailor that will instantly become a family heirloom.

Want to get out on Lake Superior but not sure what boat you need?
I can help you pick out a design that will suit your needs and keep you safe.

Wooden Boat Restoration

From wood canvas canoes to wooden sailing yachts, I can restore your wooden boat to its original beauty and function.

Repairs often include:
Replacing rotten or broken wooden elements
Replacing or tightening worn out fasteners
Fairing and refinishing paint and varnish.

Get in touch with me to look at your old boat that needs restoration.

On the Loft Floor


Hobby Building at Home?

Have a design you’d like to build but can't figure out how to get started?

I loft any scale plan to full size patterns. You will receive the plan view and waterlines on architectural paper, and bodylines to transfer to mold stock on mylar.

I am available to discuss challenging parts of your project, and if you live near me, I can provide hands-on assistance on aspects of your project that you are not comfortable with.

RV, Camper, Motorhome

RV’s, Campers and Vans

I’ve done everything from assembling utility trailers to gut remodeling RVs.

Contact me about projects from a food truck with a creative wooden twist to the ultimate land yacht for a national park adventure!

Cedar Chest with Bread Board End Top

Custom Carpentry

Have a project requiring more skills than a general contractor can provide?

Contact me for custom woodwork throughout your home, including custom furniture, built in settees, and custom trim.