Voyaguer Canoe

I designed and built this voyaguer canoe for my employer.  It is used to take school groups out on their local waterways.

Dark Harbor 17

Photos from a performance Racing Daysailor Designed by B.B. Crowninshield, popular in east coast racing circuits in the early 20th century.  I lofted this boat and participated in the first 6 months of the build.


Making a Mast

Pictures from the mast of the Dark Habor.  The mast is a box section of 6 staves.  It is hallow in the middle and electrical wire runs through it.

Thin Lizzy Flat Bottom Skiff

This skiff is a stretched out version of William Atkin’s Baby Lou.  I built it as part of a team at the Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding.

Cedar Chest


Tools and other oddities

Drafting and Lofting


This Polynesian inspired Proa was designed and built by me and three friends for a 3 day boat building challenge.  We placed third.

Compression Post

I patterned this compression post out of wood and welding it from mild steel stock.

Old Boats

These boats I built before attending Boat building School

Earth Oven

One of my other interests is Natural Building with earth plaster (cobb) and straw bales.